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Find the accessibility issues you need to fix and meet your compliance goals. With a quick automated scan, powered by axe, you’ll receive a summary report and an offer to book a more in-depth consultation with a Deque expert.

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Your summary web accessibility report will include plain-English descriptions of your top accessibility issues.

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What does this accessibility scan do?

This scan will provide a brief, automated audit of the url you submit. It will check for issues based on WCAG 2.1 AA, the guidelines provided by the W3C which help support the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 508 and many other accessibility laws and directives.

You’ll receive a few simple bullets, with plain-English descriptions of your accessibility issues and the disability types most impacted. This scan alone is not enough for you to achieve compliance, or ensure barrier-free web experiences for all users. We can assure you that it’s accurate, fast and a good first step in practicing accessibility. We hope you’ll schedule a discovery call with us to help advance your efforts.

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